Why Usana?

USANA Philippines: My Road To Success

Why UsanaHi everyone! Abigail here. In this post, I will talk about why I joined USANA, what started it all and what I know I will get from USANA Philippines.I first heard USANA from a senior schoolmate in college a while ago. It didn’t interest me so I ignored the invites from that colleague. And then, just recently, a friend in high school told me about his affiliation and success with USANA. So this time, I decided to take a close look at this USANA Philippines network.

Immediately, I was excited with the whole concept presented to me by team at USANA Philippines. But like most “hype-y” things, that excitement faded after 2days. After two weeks, that same HS friend invited me again. He wanted to show me something that was not presented the first time I went there.

After that meeting, all I wanted was to join.

I knew that I needed to join USANA Philippines.

So I called my boyfriend and my cousin to raise some funds. I asked them to be my “business partners” and well, I knew that Teresa was just napipilitan when she said yes but that’s good enough for me! That’s how much I wanted to join USANA! So… you might be thinking, why the hell would I invest in this business knowing that my business partners aren’t really interested in it?

Well, that night at the USANA office was the first time my goals have been ignited again. It was the first time I have been optimistic in life. I saw it coming.

I joined because of my family.

I want my father and step-mother to relax because I know they are suffering too much stress for the past six years (family problem).

I want my brother to study Culinary but at the same time have the means to provide for his family.

I want my little brother to study in a good school and become an Engineer too like me.

I want to give my cousin, Marlo, his own business for his family and for his three siblings.

I want to have our own house because we do not own one (not anymore- we’re just renting).

Pretty selfless, eh? Well, actually, the reason why I really, really, really wanted to join USANA Philippines is because of the fact that I can see those dreams becoming real along with my own personal goals.

  • To have a stable job
  • To buy a house
  • To have a business
  • To marry my boyfriend at the right time (we’ve been together for more than six years!)

We all want to have our dreams come true- someday, somehow. And right now, I see all those dreams turning into reality with USANA Philippines.


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